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Our goal is to offer cheap, reasonable and professional Internet decisions suitable for small and medium business. We have created an Internet services system for the complete establishment and presentation of your business in the web.

Development and maintenance of websites
Marketing and advertising
Other services
While every business has now recognized the need for having a presence on the Internet, many do not know where to start, how much it will cost, or even how it will benefit their company. It has been our experience by talking to business owners that the decision to take advantage of the Web is not a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when.
Development and maintenance of websites
Internet applications
We develop all sorts of Internet applications in accordance with the needs of our customers. The advantage of the Internet applications is having all of them on one central server and no need of installing them on every computer which will use them. That reduces considerably the expenses on installation and software maintenance. The Internet applications which we develop are extremely safe and easy to work with. They could not be stolen or infected with viruses as they are on a server which is accessible only for certain persons. You are able to use them at any time from a computer provided with Internet access no matter where you may be. That will help you to easily follow, control and manage your business even remotely.
Design and development

The design of your website is the face of your company on the Internet. According to the design that they you’re your customers get an idea of your activities and the quality of the services that you offer. If you fail to grab the customers’ attention from the moment that they enter the site and make available for them easy navigation to the information that they are looking for, they would often leave unsatisfied and never return. Provided that your website is meant for a wide range of users, the design should be easy to adopt and should be oriented to easily accessible information.

The design of the websites and web portals that we develop responds to all those requirements and it is easy to use by the customers.
Development of sites for Internet trade
We develop all kinds of sites for internet trade. Starting from on-line catalogues to whole Internet stores with integrated system for credit card payment. The benefit in the Internet stores is people from all over the world have access to them, while the stores do not have any fixed working hours but are open 24 hours – 7 days a week. At those we offer a system for management of the contents which makes it easy for you to update your catalogue by yourselves.
Design and creation of database
We can design and create for you a suitable database depending on the needs of your business. We could as well make a system for access to the base and manipulation of data.
Update and re-design of an existing website
If you already have a website which has an out-of-date design and needs a new one, you do not have to build it again as we could help you change it and update the design for you.
Website upgrade and maintenance
If your site needs the addition of new functions or frequent change of information you could rely on us to do it quick and efficient
Marketing and advertising
Analysis and segmentation of the Internet market (research)
In case that these happen to be your first steps on the Internet market and you want to find out about your main competition, our team may conduct an Internet research which shall help you ascertain the current market share and therefore undertake some adequate actions for the development of your business
Most people say – if something’s hard to use I just don’t use it as much. The Internet users go by one basic principle when using the Web, and that principle is namely – don’t make me think! That means that the more the user thinks when working with a website or a software product, the harder it is for them to handle it. That is why you have to make the work of the users with your products easier and thus increase their effectiveness. We can help you by telling you how to do it or by making a product for you which is easy to work with and useful for your business.

Multimedia visit cards (on mini discs)
The multimedia visit cards are a very good way for an effective presentation of your company. They are rectangular mini-discs containing multimedia flash presentations. Their main advantage compared to other visit cards is that the customer will be able to take a first-hand look at what you are doing, view a catalogue etc.

Multimedia presentations
An effective way of introducing your company, idea or project to public is the multimedia presentation. It is easily adoptable and remembered for a longer time by people watching it. Always remember that the first impression is the most important. The multimedia presentation will provide you with a very good and notable first impression and will put you in favourable light.
Internet advertising
If your business needs an advertisement on the Internet, we could make for you animated flash banners and place your advertisement in the most visited sites so that most people will be able to spot you.
Other services
Software maintenance of small and medium networks
Software consultations

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