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The main purpose of every IT product is to simplify your business and improve the quality of the services that you offer. 3plus1 Team has so far proven it self to be successful in making its customers more competitive on the dynamic internet market. The software developed does considerably improve the effectiveness of your work in every single aspect. In most cases the software is likely to save you time and human resources thus reducing the expenses and speeding the work process within your organization considerably.

Real estate menager
Online orders menager
Online catalog system
Content menagement system
On-line real estate selling system

On-line sale of real estates
GIS system
Content management system
Several sites management

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The application is designed for the updating of website information on real estates and it has been provided with a geographic system indicating the location of certain estates.

The integral description of the estate is controlled by the application while it offers a complete statistics on the nearby estates. Multiple user access levels management is present.

:Because these constructions exist as ideas, then other ideas can affect them, and do so powerfully. This describes the interface point between beliefs (as a kind of idea) and mind-lines (as another form of ideas).

If the previous expression sounds too complicated then just try out our products to see the ideas in action.

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Online catalog manager

On-line catalogue
Content management system
Multi language

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Online catalog manager is a web-based programme which designed to update or edit the contents of your on-line store.

The options available in the web application are adding, editing and deleting accessories, promoting and publishing in several languages.
Online orders manager

Web page for on-line orders
Orders management software
Orders statistics software

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Online orders viewer is a specially developed software designed to receive and process orders coming from the Internet.

This software will give you the possibility to manage the contents of the website, to edit, add or remove categories and products, to accept and process orders and keep all accounts necessary.
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